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Q.  What therapy services are available at Renewal Therapy Center?

A.  Renewal Therapy Center offers physical, occupational and speech therapy services. These services are available on an inpatient and outpatient basis.  A well-equipped physical therapy gym and modern occupational therapy room are staffed by licensed therapists.

Q. How often can I receive therapies at Renewal Therapy Center?

A.  Generally when you are an inpatient, you will receive therapies 5 days per week per your physicians orders.  Arrangements may be made for therapies on the weekend.  Therapies will work with you individually to determine the amount of therapies best suited to your needs and abilities.  They will post in your room your approximate therapy times.  If you are an outpatient, then therapies are generally 3-5 times per week.

Q.  Do I need a physician’s order to use Renewal’s therapy services?

A.  Yes, a physician’s order is required.  Our Social Services staff can provide additional information regarding the requirements by physicians.

Q.  Is staff available 24 hours per day?

A.  Yes, a licensed nurse is on duty at all times to provide your care.  Certified Nurse’s Aides (CNA) provide much of your daily routine care and are alo on duty at all times.  Therapists are available to provide physical, occupational and speech therapies ordered by your physician.  All of our rehabilitative staff are graduates of accredited programs, have national credentials and are licensed with the State of Illinois.

Q.  How and when are meals served?

A.  We provide three meals a day with a variety of foods from which to choose.  Meals are served buffet-style.  Patients may choose to go through the buffet line or be served, restaurant style, by staff in the dining room, or in your patient room if you prefer.  Standard meal hours are:  Breakfast, 7 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.; Lunch, noon to 1:15 p.m.; Supper, 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  If you desire to eat a meal outside of standard meal hours, we will make arrangements for a try to be delivered to your room.  We also offer an a la carte menu in Renewal Therapy Center

Q.  May I invite guests to join me for a meal?

A.  Yes.  You may invite your friends and family to eat with you.  You do not need reservations, however if you anticipate more than three guests it would be helpful to know in advance. There is a nominal charge for guest meals which will be reflected on your statement.  You may also reserve a room for a special event and have it catered by our dining services department.

Q.  What are visiting hours?

A.  Visiting hours are open.  Children as well as pets are welcome to visit.  Please provide proof of vaccinations to the Life Enrichment staff prior to a pet visiting.

Q.  May I use my own pharmacy to get my medications?

A.  We do have a contracted pharmacy, but we understand that some insurance plans require that you obtain your medications from a specific pharmacy.  If you have questions related to obtaining medications from another source, please talk with the Social Services staff.  However if you are receiving Medicare benefits for your stay, we will provide your medications for you as part of the Medicare benefit.

Q.  Is cable service available?

A.  Satellite television service is available through Senior TV at no additional charge.  Flat screen televisions are provided in each room.  The Renewal Lounge also have a large-screen television.

Q.  Is Internet access available?

A.  Free wireless internet access is available in all areas of Renewal Therapy Center including resident rooms.  You may sign in as “guest.” There are also computers available for resident and visitor use in the Family Lounge and the Central Lounge.

Q.  What other services and amenities are available?

A.  We offer a multitude of on site services and amenities including the following:

  • Beauty Salon – We offer on site beauty salon services.  Our staff will be happy to assist you in making an appointment.
  • Banking Services – Busey Bank provides banking services on site one morning a week.
  • Spiritual Care – We offer a clergy notification service.  We also offer various faith-based services and programs.
  • Notary Services – A Notary is generally available during standard business hours Monday through Friday.
  • U.S. Postal Service – Each regular U.S. Postal Service delivery day a Clark-Lindsey mail clerk delivers mail to each resident’s room.

To utilize any of these services, please see a Unit Secretary, the Health Services Coordinator or Social Services staff.